Must Have Video Game Accessory

The Ortz PS4 cooling stand comes across as a must have video game accessory if your console of choice is the PlayStation 4. There are many PS4 cooling stand brands available in the market, but the Ortz one has made a name as being the best. Why?

Reasons why Ortz’s Stand is the best video gaming accessory for the PS4

  1. Cools the PS4 – the Otrz PS4 cooling stand comes equipped with a cooling fan that regulates temperatures around your PlayStation 4 and thus tackles the common PS4 overheating problem.
  2. Charging Station – with 2 in-built USB ports, this video gaming accessory also serves as a dual charging station that allows you to charge both your controllers at the same time.
  3. Vertical Stand – this accessory also serves as a vertical stand, allowing you to place the PS4 in vertical position. This allows for safety while at the same time freeing up space in your room.
  4. Multi-purpose – in addition to being a stand, this accessory is also a cooling fan and a dual charger for the PS4 controllers. You can cool your PlayStation 4 down, while at the same time offering a vertical placement for more safety and freed up space in your room, the accessory also allows you to simultaneously charge both your controllers.

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Best Video Gaming Consoles in Action – Videos

1. PlayStation 4 in Action

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2. Xbox One in Action

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3. Nintendo Wii U in Action

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Most Popular Video Gaming Platforms

Video games are a great to pass time and entertain yourself. But in addition to that, there are many more benefits that come with playing the latest video games. Critics have for a long time debated the benefits of video games to gamers. When played moderately, video games can enhance cognitive skills, decision-making skills as well as learning abilities. Video games are also seen as able to drive social change, more so in the recent past.

Before you can start on gaming, you need to choose a gaming platform. Most video games are cross platform, which means that you can be able to play the same game on PC, on the Xbox and as well on the PlayStation. In this post, we highlight the 4 most popular video gaming platforms:


Sony’s PlayStation has over the years emerged to be the number one video gaming console platform in the world. Sony has been in the industry longer than just about any other company. Sony has seen the development and evolution of video games, and has at the same time pushed some of the best technologies in the industry. From the PlayStation 2 to the more recent PlayStation 4, Sony is indeed the world’s most popular video gaming platform.


Microsoft’s Xbox console series has done a good job at keeping up with Sony in the video gaming consoles industry. The Xbox 360 and the Xbox One are two of the best Microsoft video gaming consoles. Critics and video gaming buffs have spent quite some considerable effort comparing between the Xbox One and Sony’s PS4. Most of the times, the PS4 carries the day as the best video gaming consoles available in the market.


PC gaming is as old as it gets. Before the consoles became the order of the day in the gaming arena, people were using PCs to play the rather simple games that existed during those days. Today, powerful laptops exist in the market that are used pre-dominantly designed for video gaming.

If you’re looking to start on gaming, you’ll most definitely either have to choose the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 or a PC as your video gaming platform.

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How Video Games Can Drive Social Change

Video games are increasingly popular. More and more people across the age divide are taking on the best video gaming consoles and spending their free time making strategic moves behind a screen. As the popularity and adoption of video games takes center-stage, the social debate on gaming is likewise evolving. Video games are a highly rated form of entertainment. The industry is growing at a fast rate as consoles and games themselves become cheaper and thus more accessible to more people.

People are increasingly appreciating the ability of video games to drive social change. But the funny thing is that opposition to sophisticated critique of video games seems to come from within the industry. Some of the arguments being put forward is the fact that gaming is edgy and anti-establishment. Stakeholders in the technology, film and social spheres are understanding the increasing potential of video games to drive societal change. Indeed, related industries such as film have already fully embraced the concept of social responsibility. This trend is what’s laying the foundation for video games to follow the same path.

More games engineers and developers are actively looking to inspire social change. As much as video games have a lot of advantages to gamers, social change is one of the most important ones. The ability to take on little known initiatives and market them to the masses in an entertaining way can indeed have optimal benefits to the society. Games for Change is one of the few organizations that’s trying to address the questions about the role of video games in shaping societies. Games that are doing good in the social aspect are already winning awards. Examples include Never Alone, Mindlight, Bounden, This War of Mine and that’s Your Right.

As video games become even more popular, more and more developers will look to institute aspects of social change in the gameplay.

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Video Gaming Facts and Statistics you Should Know

How much do you just know about video games? Well, computers and video games have essentially come a long way since the days of Frogger and Pac-Man. In the same way, video gamers have come a long way. Today’s video games scope multiple genres, and are easily played by gamers of all age groups. hosting information . The video games production industry is in fact a multi-billion dollar market. Just like smartphones and other common technologies today, video games are evolving faster than most people had predicted. Parents are always trying to make sure that their kids are in fact playing the right games. In this post, we look at a number of key video gaming facts that statistics that you should know about:

  • Average gamer age – if you think that video games were made for the younger group of people, you are wrong. The average age of a video gamer today is 34 years. However, the average age of the most frequent game buyer is 39. whois list Tuvalu More so, the average number of years through which adults have been playing video games is 12 years.
  • Gaming time – by 2010, the average video gamer was spending an average 8 hours weekly playing video games.
  • Consoles – by 2010, the Xbox 360 and the Wii were the most popular video gaming consoles.
  • Other Statistics – over 40% of all gamers are female.
  • 76% of all parents are of the view that the parental controls provided in all video gaming consoles are useful. Parents have also been known to limit video games playing more than any other form of entertainment today.
  • 93% of the time, parents are present when children are buying or renting video games.
  • More than 60% of parents believe that video games are a positive part of their kids’ lives.

For more statistics on video games and generally the industry, click here.

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